Control Widgets


Here is annotated screenshot of control toolbar of Visual Mind Window in Applet or Application as it appears for most of users. Depending on specific environment, controls may look differently.

Post button - saves current state of World into file it was loaded from or, if it was loaded from Server, sends modified World back to Server. This action should be performed as often as possible to keep your changes saved.

Reget button - lets to get the latest state of World posted by any connected user or to reload data from file if some destructive changes have been made and need to be discarded. This action should be performed as often as possible to keep current state up to date.

Console button - lets to bring up Mind Console to view system messages or communicate with system in ORL language.

Click choice - lets to select action performed on left mouse button double-click (or single-click in Goto mode). The set of available actions depends on Projector you are working with.

Drag choice - lets to select action performed on mouse dragging. There are two kinds of actions available now.

Projector choice - select graphics mapping mode. There are two alternative projectors supported, so far.

World choice - lets to select one of Worlds visited before in current session. When you start Applet or Application, this choice is not available because there is only one world you have visited so far. More Worlds are added to this choice list while you are jumping from one world to other. In current version, you can't enter name of new world here as you enter new URL in the web browser.

View choice - lets to select current View across the Worlds you have in World choice list. Creation of new view is not possible here, but it is possible to create new view using Mind Console or Mind Inspector Dialog.

Link choice - lets to select kind of link (Property) to establish relationship between two Things (being represented by Nodes) on releasing mouse button within Drag:Link mode.


(C) Copyright 1988-1998,2001 Anton Kolonin