Running Application as Standalone


You can start application in three different ways. Whichever way you use, don't forget to click Post button before closing application if you want to save changes in the World you made.

Run Webstructor Application from the web

This is possible only in case if your browser supports this feature. To do so, you just access this URL.

Then, select to "Open" instead of "Save" and you will have Webstructor downloaded and executed from the web. Still, in this case, you will not be able to specify any other file but "webstructor.txt" located in your home directory or root directory (depending on OS you use).

Run Webstructor Application from Java CLASSPATH

If you added vm.jar to CLASSPATH or unpacked it in directory included in CLASSPATH, you can just run it using the following command.


If you have your own ORL file or you want Webstructor to create a new file for you, you pass the name of the file as command line argument as follows.

java <url_or_filename>

For example, if you have ORL file "our_family.txt", you can load World from this file using the following command.

java our_family.txt

For another example, if you want to load world from the web, you can use URL instead of filename. Below is one possible example.

java vm.jar

In the example above, you load World from the file on a web server so you are not able to contribute to this world. If you want to be able save your changes on the web, you need to use URL referring to a World provided by servlet running on a web server, like follows.

java vm.jar

Run Webstructor Application from JAR archive

In order to do that, you need to have vm.jar file downloaded from this site in the same directory you are starting Webstructor from. Depending on Java version you have, you can do it using one of the following commands.

jre -cp vm.jar

jre -cp vm.jar <url_or_filename>

java -cp vm.jar

java -cp vm.jar <url_or_filename>

java -jar vm.jar

java -jar vm.jar <url_or_filename>


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