Knowledge Management Tool


Webstructor may be used to maintain system of knowledge (ontology) for any domain.

You can use it as Knowledge Editor or Ontology Editor - create concepts (Things), assign properties to these concepts and build relationships between them (Properties). Interestingly, when you add a Property to Thing, you change behavior of the concept - it acquires ability to build new relationships with other concepts.

The same piece of knowledge may be represented from different perspectives - using different Views. Nodes are used to represent Things in the views (i.e. the same Thing may look in different Views differently). In every view, you can choose specific color model, spatial placement pattern or kind of properties used to link Nodes.

You can store knowledge you build either in local file or on the knowledge server. By knowledge server, we mean Java servlet running on the web server which maintains knowledge being edited by Visual Mind Applets or Visual Mind Applications connected to it. Moreover, knowledge may be distributed across endless amount of Visual Mind Applications connected in peer-to-peer manner.

Another possibility is to integrate distributed knowledge being maintained by Webstructor with knowledge stored in Cyc Knowledge Server or use the former as kind of graphical web-based front-end for the latter.


(C) Copyright 1988-1998,2001 Anton Kolonin

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