Shared Cybernetic Universe


Webstructor may be used to collaborate with other people developing shared virtual universe of psychological associations and knowledge.

The crucial point here is that it is not something like 3D chat. Rather, this is complete non-verbal communication where you use your images, associations, relationships between them and actions toward them in order to open yourself to other people and open other people for yourself.

In these virtual Worlds, we don't have private property in respect to created knowledge or borders between mental models. All inhabitants of any World share the same mental space and should adjust themselves to emergent knowledge being built in collaborative effort.

You may use Webstructor in many ways - edit World stored on the centralized server via Visual Mind Applet or Visual Mind Servlet or you share your world across peer-to-peer net. Anyway, unless you are exclusive owner of the webs server where World of is stored, you have the same rights to change this World as others - as we all are on this God's Earth.


(C) Copyright 1988-1998,2001 Anton Kolonin