Webstructor Credits


The entire idea evolved in conversation between Anton Kolonin and Maxim Kollegov in 1998. Then, under the names of WorldWideMind and Visual Mind Worlds, it was presented to Global Brain mailing list.

The Webstructor (AKA Visual Mind Worlds) technology is result of 10 years of software design and development carried out by Anton Kolonin in 1988-1999.

The Object-Relational Language (ORL) was designed and developed by Anton Kolonin with participation of Leonid Kouzine while working at ProPro Group.

Some aspects or features were inspired by conversations with Ben Goertzel and Alexey Sharov in 1998.

So far, the person responsible for the fate of the project is Anton Kolonin. He did not have too much time to spend on this project during last few years working for Webmind, Inc. (1999-2001) and ServiceWare Technologies, Inc. (now). During last few years, no significant development have been made although numerous bugs have been fixed and the Webstructor web site have been launched in April 2001.

Of course, this document should content a lot of references to well-known ideas and trademarked technologies related to the project to certain extent. Although this is not here yet, we acknowledge that any names or products referenced in this document are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.


(C) Copyright 1988-1998,2001 Anton Kolonin